Personal Consultations

At Mr. Plumber we offer the finest products and the best expert advice.

Bring us your house plans, your ideas, and your budget and we will gladly help with all your plumbing needs.


  • Bring along home plans, drawings, project photos, room measurements
  • Know your project’s budget or allowance
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the Showroom Consultant
  • Bring any inspirational material: color samples, magazines with ideas, project portfolios
  • Share your online portfolios, such as Pinterest or Houzz

Typical projects and appointment times

Depending on the size of your project, your consultation may take 1-3 hours. To help determine the optimal appointment length for your needs, we’ll ask some basic questions about your project when you schedule your visit:

  • Is your project new construction or remodeling an existing space?
  • Are you interested in selecting one, two or several items in the space?
  •  What type of room is involved? Powder Room, Full Bath, Master Bath, Kitchen fixtures only or with cabinets are a few examples.
  • How many rooms are included in your project?


If you are selecting one or two items, a walk-in visit may be all that you need. For larger projects, scheduling a consultation ensures that we will be able to help you make informed decisions for your project’s success!

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Planning on building, renovating, or just a few fix ups, our experts are here to help. Bring your house plans or ideas to us for a quote today and we’ll help you set goals for your bathroom remodel, personalize the space to suit your needs and inspire you with designs that appeal to your liking. With any bathroom remodel, budgeting and space planning are
critical first steps. Learn how to deal with ventilation, conserving water, organizing the layout and make decisions on the vast array of fixtures. Here at Mr. Plumber we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.