Therapeutic Tubs


Consider a Whirlpool or a Air tub for your next Bath…

Customers always ask me what is the difference between Whirl and air tubs so here goes:

-Whirl works on water running through the system creating a more intense more directed body massage. Air runs by pushing heated air through the system creating a light, more quite, enveloping feeling for more of a relaxation experience.

-Finding out what your needs are in a tub is the first step. Both options are great for relaxing, circulation and blood flow, and relieving muscle tension. If you are arthritic or have an injury where therapeutic massage is required the whirlpool option would be recommended for you.

–  You can also get the 2 options combined for the ultimate experience in bathing and relaxing.

– I recommend speaking with one of our experts when it comes to making this investment as you want to get it right the first time around!

– See below for “Maax Baths” description of the whirlpool experience.

Relax. Revive. Heal.


Warm water pulsing against your body holds remedial powers praised since the dawn of recorded history. Relieving insomnia, lessening the pain of arthritis, vanquishing stresses and strains – physical and mental: people have documented these abilities on papyrus and on hard drives the world round.


Seek an intense targeted massage to alleviate sore muscles or find solace in a sinuous current against your body. It’s up to you. The only pressure here is from precision jets set for state of bliss you desire most.


MAAX advanced whirlpool systems offer the sensational tactile experience you deserve to assist you on the way to overall well-being.


A healthier, happier you

Praise for hydrotherapy comes from all corners of the Earth and medical community. Although many early forms used cold water, today the combination of warm to hot water with the stimulating turbulence of whirlpool and massage jets holds the most promise.


Moist heat efficiently raises body temperature to produce a natural detoxification effect and help dilate blood vessels to improve blood flow to achy muscles in need of its strengthening nutrients. Massage jets relax muscles, helping again with blood flow and easing pressure on joints and nerves for calming effect. Studies have even suggested regular hydrotherapy can help diabetics control their blood sugar.